Romana Engleza Germana



Special transports involve long experience and special attention. As a company with strong customer orientation, we provide integrated oversize transport services. We believe that the transport of parts and components with large dimensions and weight must be carried out carefully. We are able to transport the following types of systems / components:

  • Transport of construction machinery: drills, excavators, cranes, crushers, sorting stations, mills, draglines, compactors, bulldozers, concrete plants, asphalt plants, etc.
  • Transport of heavy machinery: tractors, harvesters, seeders, etc.
  • Industrial equipment oversize transport: special presses, special technological equipment, gantries, filters, electromotors, heavy transformers, silos, tanks, industrial containers, heat shrinks, columns, reactors, oil equipment, probes, etc.
  • Transport of heavy reinforced concrete prefabricated parts: concrete pillars, prestressed beams for buildings, bridge beams, etc.
  • Transport of metal structures: metal beams, metal farms, decks for bridges, industrial booms, etc.
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