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Industrial relocation services involve special attention and craftsmanship. Unlike many competitors, we pay attention to details when we talk about moving parts and industrial machinery. Whether we're talking about the relocation of one unit or the relocation of an entire production department or even moving a factory, your project is safe with us! We analyze all the determinants of your project, paying particular attention to the risk that we minimize as much as possible. We use both well maintained equipment, and highly trained personnel, so that your move take place quickly and painlessly.

In general, our industrial relocation department provides the following services:

  • Machinery movements from one position to another
  • Relocation of heavy machinery (CNC, levelling machine, lathes, cutting machines, guillotines, presses, drills)
  • Placing services of the industrial equipment in the right position
  • Professional loading / unloading services
  • Industrial machinery relocation and final position placement services
  • Disassembly and reassembly operations of the industrial equipment.

We provide industrial relocation services in the following areas: - automotive industry, textile industry, light industry, heavy industry, machine-tool construction, lime factories, cement factories, food industry, etc.

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